Fedora Board Recap 2010-11-29

Chris Tyler chris at tylers.info
Mon Nov 29 21:08:08 UTC 2010

Here are the minutes from today's meeting. For improved readability, see
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= Fedora Board Meeting 2010-11-29 =

Assigned meeting secretary: Chris Tyler

== Roll Call ==

=== Present ===
Jon Stanley
Stephen Smoogen
Jared Smith
Rex Dieter
Chris Tyler
Tom "spot" Callaway
Toshio Kuratomi
Colin Walters

=== Absent ===

=== Regards ===
Maírín Duffy (taking PTO)

== Agenda ==
Board business

=== Updates ===
==== Elections ====
* See results announcement:
* Thanks to all those who have served on the Board, and welcome to our
new members
* Generally, elections ran well after a slightly delayed/rough start
* jstanley: Interesting that we had one more ballot for FESCo than we
did for the Board
* For next election: 
** Policies need updating (e.g., numbers of townhalls, etc) and
unification (FESCo<->Board)
** Need elections wrangler (or team)
* Logistics of playing musical chairs
** Last meeting for retiring members: Nov 29 (this meeting)
** First meeting for new members: Dec 6
** Other tasks: mailing list updates, confirm best meeting time
** mdomsch: Reminds board to remember and maintain mutual agreement re:
confidentiality of board discussions
* Welcoming Toshio Kuratomi to the Board as an appointed seat
* Welcoming Joerg Simon and Jaroslav Reznik as elected seats
* FPL to decide on the other appointed seat within the next couple of

==== jsmith at Fedora EMEA FAD ====
* Fedora EMEA shuts down at the end of the year
* Good, productive discussion regarding support for the Fedora community
in EMEA area going forward
* Also good feedback on what presently is and is not working well

=== Board Business ===
==== CWG update (Rex?) ====
* Scheduled an initial irc meeting for 18:00 utc, Tuesday, Nov 30
* Initial meetings to be as open and public as possible
* Rex to get them started/give tools and then let the members take it
from there

==== multi-release goals discussion ====
* jstanley: Fedora useful on servers, CWG with authority ("teeth")
** jsmith: CWG needs teeth, but this needs to be done carefully
** (Toshio/Rex): perhaps CWG should monitor and make recommendations to
the board
** jsmith: willing to be big bad enforcer when necessary
* spot: a renewed focus on QA, need some clever ideas on how to improve
the quality and quantity of testing on Fedora packages. Bodhi karma
system is blocking for lack of testers. Need a way to easily engage
users in testing (low-hanging fruit), e.g., does this package still work
after update?
** jstanley: how do we recruit users to this?
** spot: maybe karma rewards, physical rewards, UI tools to offer
testing opportunities to the user
** jsmith: fedora-easy-karma is a starting point for this
** spot: f-e-k is fairly unknown tool
** jsmith: would love to see a set of resources to enable testing using
VMs running on Fedora infrastructure (testing with both QA and Spins)
*** ctyler: we should make it easier to do this on one's personal system
*** smooge: QA is working on this
*** spot: not sure those are intended to be publicly-accessible, though
* spot: we need to make Fedora more fun: make being involved and
interacting easier and more fun, reduce drudgery involved in setting up
to Do Things in Fedora
** Fedora role-playing game: points for doing stuff within Fedora
** watch for FUDCon session
* mdomsch: attended Ubuntu dev conference. Different model (than we use
for FUDCon/FAD), got several hundred people together in one place fairly
easily -> energy and excitement
** spot: noted that jsmith and pfrields have been spent effort trying to
let people know we have funding to get people together to do things
** jsmith, spot: funding is (still) available for bringing people to
** caillon: do we require trip reports from funded attendees?
** jsmith, jstanley: yes, at least blogging
** toshio: quality of WLAN is important for blogging
* mdomsch: other observations about Ubuntu conference: dev conf, not
user's conf; had sessions about proposed features/directions/blueprints,
as well as new/current work; remote collaboration (irc with
channel-per-room on projector, gobby, audio recordings/streaming with
icecast) worked well; session schedule hashed out in advance.
** spot: mdomsch - should share with FUDCon planners
* jsmith: would love to see FUDCon in APAC
* jsmith: need to revisit/rework Spins, possibly decouple from main
release timing
* jsmith: time to revisit comps (will be hot topic!), need to better
address advances in pkg management, provide for wider range of use-cases
** spot: perhaps that's less of a big-picture goal and more something we
should pass to FESCo
** jsmith: it's one of the over-arching goals that needs to receive
* jsmith: FADs: more of them, more vocal and explicit about the fact
that anyone can propose them, need to communicate clear goals and
results. FAD-a-month?
* mdomsch: would like to see more emphasis on the cloud effort (feels
like lack of manpower, not know-how?)
** smooge: definitely need more manpower
** spot: agree, need to find some people in the community keep to be
involved in this
** mdomsch: there's a lot happening outside of Fedora and we need some
people to be involved there bridging that into Fedora
** jsmith: I'd love to see us be more proactive in the cloud space,
rather than reactive
* ctyler: focus on "access from anywhere" strategy in Fedora, leverage
browser/web apps, make a stronger base for deployments for "access
anywhere users": make Fedora's desktop side more of a content "creators"
desktop; server side involves cloud, improving packaging of web
services/apps for easier deployment
* caillon: make rawhide more usable in general, should boot, working
** spot: would like to make it easier for people to jump in a fix simple
dependency issues in Rawhide
** jsmith: AutoQA will help with this
** spot: a mail with broken deps goes out every day already
** mdomsch: did we go back to installable rawhide?
*** chorus: no
** mdomsch: first opportunity for most people to use Rawhide is Alpha,
especially for Anaconda testing
** jsmith notes that the entire Anaconda team will be at FUDCon
** toshio: do we have a bottleneck in RelEng?
*** jsmith: yes, but it's also unclear how people can gen involved in
that corner
** caillon: release cycle need to be discussed

==== Any other business? ====
* None raised.

=== Next Meeting ===
* Next meeting: Monday, December 6th
* IRC office hours: Friday, December 3, 2 PM EST (jsmith to reset
schedule on wiki)

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