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Fri Oct 1 10:34:18 UTC 2010

On Friday, October 01, 2010 11:12:45 am Gerard Braad wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 1, 2010 at 4:09 PM, Jaroslav Reznik <jreznik at> wrote:
> > Why running MeeGo TV UX on Fedora? MeeGo core comes from Fedora and
> > always will be better optimized for embedded use cases.
> I am aware of this and just wanted to show another thing: Fedora
> should be about a broad view of device support (platforms and
> form-factors). At the moment it is a desktop focus, but moved beyond
> that since RedHat told the world their RHEL would be based on this
> codebase and more recently since Moblin used Fedora as their core. Why
> could Fedora not be used for an embedded use-case? What is the Mini
> SIG, ARM SIG and MIPS SIG trying to do?

I understand - and I really like how is MeeGo (as distribution built). You have 
a MeeGo base platform with libraries (Gtk, Qt on one boat!) and then you build 
user experiences on top of this platform. That's what I'd like to see one day in 

Btw. it's not Fedora Mini anymore but Fedora Mobility (FUDCon EMEA session 

> Fedora could for instance become your view of social services for a
> community. We might develop them for our own community, but may well
> be usable for others. A moksha view of your friends, their last status
> and presence... the weather in their region, all from your
> TV/desktop/web view, interact with them, etc.
> It is also advised to look at the Panel Discussion - Death of the
> Desktop @ COSSFest 2010, in
> which Aaron Seigo makes some nice statements about moving to this
> HTML5 view is far from ideal.

I completely agree!


> Gerard

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