RFC: Fedora Community Working Group charter (draft)

Rex Dieter rdieter at math.unl.edu
Sun Oct 17 20:49:23 UTC 2010

Robyn Bergeron wrote:

> I'd like to add that this snippet here - "The Community Working Group
> aims to act as a central point of contact by being available to
> communicate needs between various groups within project, including
> group leaders, contributors, and users." - sounds much like what the
> logistics at fp.o list currently provides. Is the intent to replace that
> cross-group facilitation as well as provide actual mediation for
> disputes and such?

I envision the cwg being involved only when community health is at stake or 
at issue.  In all other cases, the cwg certainly should refer folks to the 
the appropriate group or list or whatever.

-- REx

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