The future of Spins SIG

Bruno Wolff III bruno at
Tue Oct 19 03:04:37 UTC 2010

As things begin to wrap up for F14 we need to rethink how Fedora deals
with spins. The current way Spins SIG is run is not really functional.
We either need to run it better with a lot more help or we need to organize
differently, or drop add on spins.

I have been acting as an interim lead and wrangler for pretty much the
whole of the F14 development process. Spins SIG has actually been
disfunctional for over a year. I don't think I can commit to acting as
lead or wrangler for the entirety of the F15 development process. Since as
currently functioning, there is no back up to me I don't think it is
appropriate to start down F15 with people expecting the process to work
again, as if I burn out part way through, that will leave the project in
a lurch. (It would recover, but it would somewhat painful.)

If some others want to take over each of these positions I am willing to
help provide context for the follow on and do occasional tasks. I am not
willing to be the backup lead or wrangler. So if people do want to try
to take up these positions, I think they need to make a very solid
commitment to stay on through the whole of the F15 development process.
If eventually the SIG work to get enough active members that kind of
commitment may not be as critical.

I plan to stop acting as lead and wrangler a bit after the F14 release.
There are a few clean up things for F14 that actually happen shortly
after the release. Once those are complete then Spins SIG will essentially
cease to function unless some other people step up to run it.

It may be that the project wants to go in a different direction. For example
we could rely on a SIG for each spin and drop the overarching SIG. We could
also stop producing add on spins and groups could do remixes.

We need to decide soon how to proceed as we don't want to get far into the
F15 process without knowing where things are going.

I am hoping the board can set up a meeting of interested parties from the
various spins, the board and release engineering to discuss what our options
are and to give people a chance to volunteer to help out.

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