December 2010 Fedora Election Plan

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Thu Oct 28 22:45:41 UTC 2010

----- "Jeroen van Meeuwen" <kanarip at> wrote:
> Wow, this is huge;
> We all know *why* our guidelines and rules set out the boundaries of
> the road 
> to salvation, and they *are* superior to any other distribution.
> Really, I 
> think they do and that they are. We have the most savvy people in this
> world 
> working on these things continuously, and while I may not understand
> some of 
> them, I trust these people. I think we should stick with them
> guidelines as 
> much as possible. "As much as possible" being the key words in that
> sentence.
> We seem to lack the willingness to seek compromise in many aspects;
> case in 
> point here is bundled libraries, but more in general we seem to lack
> the 
> formerly existing attitude of "Hell yeah. How?" - I'm afraid it has
> become 
> "Why? If ..., and if ... Euh... No."
> Example case in point is rubygem-passenger, shipping a bundled, forked
> and 
> modified legacy version of the boost C-library. Bad, bad, bad.
> I can't fix it. I'm a terrible C coder. Nobody looking at reviews can
> fix it 
> before the end of dawn, and only after it's fixed it would be accepted
> as a 
> package.
> This means that meanwhile, thousands of us downstream consumers run
> rubygem-
> passenger customly built, packaged (maybe) and deployed to production,
> whatever was the latest version when someone had a chance to look for
> updates. 
> Bad, bad, bad. Very bad.
> I think a better sustainable route is to allow the package to get in,
> and log 
> massive amounts of bugs against it to fix what would then be ending up
> on 
> many, many systems; The effect is downstream consumers run in circles
> less and 
> less because they do not have to build and deploy the foo on their own
> and the 
> Fedora Project (or the Red Hat Bugzilla) becomes the tip of the point
> of all 
> that momentum. *I* think that's worth balancing off
> road-to-salvation-
> guidelines vs. actually-might-get-it-done-proper.
> However, more relevant to my previous post; If I had the slightest
> impression 
> I could improve this in the Fedora Project, hell I'd run for FESCo
> with solely 
> this agenda item. I've not ran for FESCo, so guess what my impression
> is.
> Fedora Project may not even know or ever hear its throwing up
> roadblocks 
> simply by de-motivation on the account of prior roadblocks having been
> thrown 
> up whether any individual within the project or the project itself
> thinks of 
> these as actual roadblocks.
> Yes, it's mostly eager, savvy, renegade, stubborn, visionary and/or
> more 
> established contributors running into these kinds of things -but it's
> also the 
> group of people you can safely assume will do the right thing given a
> level of 
> compromise to be sought or dare I say it, free reign.

This is where I would add something saying exactly how I feel and agree with the above, piss people off for using the wrong word or phrase. Get called things like "troublemaker" "poisonous" "unconstructive" "toxic." Being told your opinion does not matter all the time because you did not sugar coat it leads to burnout really fast. So all I will say is "Amen Brother."

-- Bob

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