Board/FESCo mission/vision FAD

Bill Nottingham notting at
Wed Sep 1 04:39:52 UTC 2010

Jon Masters (jonathan at said: 
> > > I would really like to see a "Plumbing" gathering at LPC or a FUDCon, or
> > > similar, in which those of us who touch the bowels of the system can
> > > talk strategy for the next 1/2 releases. It's ok to do stuff like
> > > systemd if it's deemed useful, but let's talk about it first and get
> > > input from the different folks involved in integration of this stuff.
> > 
> > Why is having a separate cabal better than working with upstream
> > to begin with?
> Because there's a difference between upstream and distribution
> coherence?

Not if you're doing it right.

> Upstream for any given package doesn't care about how random
> other packages interact other than the ones perhaps they play with.

"Hi, we decided in our distro we're not taking the next 2.6.37
kernel b/c it's WEIRD, and we're not taking it until you revert THAT
PATCH OVER THERE."  How would that make us sound?

To be honest, I would think the high-level planning of features for
a few releases down the line wouldn't even start at the plumbing levels
in many cases.


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