Board/FESCo mission/vision FAD

Bill Nottingham notting at
Wed Sep 1 05:08:28 UTC 2010

Jon Masters (jonathan at said: 
> > "Hi, we decided in our distro we're not taking the next 2.6.37
> > kernel b/c it's WEIRD, and we're not taking it until you revert THAT
> > PATCH OVER THERE."  How would that make us sound?
> I didn't say that. But if some feature X that affecting plumbing had to
> be discussed by a team representing each of the core pieces impacted, we
> could bring that up and work out a plan together, not in silos.

We have a group for this already, you know. Meets every week. You
even showed up today for the meeting.

If you've got issues with how that works (yes, that led to some
of this thread), we can certainly discuss how to fix them. But setting
up a second, different group to do the same thing seems pretty silly.


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