Trademark defense -- you can help!

Paul Frields stickster at
Wed Sep 1 11:30:05 UTC 2010

2010/9/1 Bruno Wolff III <bruno at>:
> And in case having more FC5 stuff helps, I have some sort of FC5 DVD.
> (Probably an i386 install ISO.) I also have FC4 CD ISOs. None of these
> have any dates written on the media though.

Hi Bruno,

We're looking for physical items that bear the new (current) Fedora
logo. Hand-burned CDs and DVDs are probably not going to be
particularly relevant in this case.  I get the impression that the
legal authorities in this case are not going to look through the
electronic material contained on those discs as part of their
consideration, even though it would be technically correct and
sensible to do so, and Red Hat Legal would surely be happy if they
*did*. But we definitely appreciate the fact that you searched around!


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