Trademark defense -- you can help!

Pamela Chestek pchestek at
Wed Sep 1 15:05:29 UTC 2010

  Paul Frields wrote on 09/01/2010 07:30 AM:
> 2010/9/1 Bruno Wolff III<bruno at>:
>> And in case having more FC5 stuff helps, I have some sort of FC5 DVD.
>> (Probably an i386 install ISO.) I also have FC4 CD ISOs. None of these
>> have any dates written on the media though.
> Hi Bruno,
> We're looking for physical items that bear the new (current) Fedora
> logo. Hand-burned CDs and DVDs are probably not going to be
> particularly relevant in this case.  I get the impression that the
> legal authorities in this case are not going to look through the
> electronic material contained on those discs as part of their
> consideration, even though it would be technically correct and
> sensible to do so, and Red Hat Legal would surely be happy if they
> *did*. But we definitely appreciate the fact that you searched around!
> Paul
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See previous emails.  I think we might be able to use these if, when 
installed, they show the trademark and we can get screenshots.


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