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Bruno Wolff III bruno at
Wed Sep 1 15:13:40 UTC 2010

On Wed, Sep 01, 2010 at 11:03:59 -0400,
  Pamela Chestek <pchestek at> wrote:
>  Bruno Wolff III wrote on 09/01/2010 12:02 AM:
> >
> >OK. I have found a DVD with a volume label of "FC 6 update20061216 i386 DVD".
> >It appears to be an install DVD, but I am not sure exactly how I made it.
> >
> >I also have a CD with a FC6 rescue image on it.
> >
> >Neither has any date written on it, so I don't know when they were burned.
> >The update DVD at least has dates preceding 2007 as part of the meta data
> >for the files on it. I don't know if that helps though.
> Would the word "Fedora" or logo be shown when the disk is installed?
> We may be able to use screenshots.
> Pam

Probably, though the update disk may not function correctly, as I remember
doing a failed experiment around that time to combine the install disk
with updates and that DVD might have been from that experiment. The logo
would be imbedded in files. Also it might be an issue if it is from the
experiment as then it would be a distributed ISO, which might not count.
I suspect the rescue disk doesn't display the logo, but possibly "Fedora"
will appear doing the boot process. I probably have a normal FC6 install
DVD around somewhere and just haven't run accross it yet.

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