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Pamela Chestek pchestek at
Thu Sep 2 14:21:16 UTC 2010

  Thorsten Leemhuis wrote on 09/02/2010 09:01 AM:
> Josef Reisinger wrote on 02.09.2010 12:12:
>>    Paul,
>> I am not sure I understood correct: Are you looking for the Fedora logo
>> in particular or any mentioning of the Fedora Product?
>> I subscribe to the German's magazine "c't" and have all issues from 1997
>> on CD/DVD (a service of the editor of c't). Unfortunatly this service
>> lets me get rid of any hardcopy once I receive the CD/DVD.
>> I did a quick view on one of them and found references to Fedora
>> distributions, but no logo so far. If I find one, I am sure you will be
>> able to approach the editor of c't ( to get some dated
>> evidence from them.
> The article "Herzstück"(¹) about Fedora Core 5, published in c't 8/2006,
> Page 82 (sold for two weeks on stands in Germany/Austria/Switzerland and
> selected other parts of the world, starting from 3. April 2006) contains
> a screenshot where the right part of the default FC5 background(²) is
> visible; both the Fedora logo and the Fedora wordmark are visible.
> Is that something that we are looking for? I can get hold of a hardcopy
> easily if needed.
> CU
> thl
> (¹)
> (²) the one with the bubbles:
A hard copy would be terrific, thanks.


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