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I think this is a good thing for us to also not lose sight of.

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strategy statement from team

Hi all,

Over the last weeks there has been a lot of disussion, both internally
and externally, about the strategies which have been proposed. However,
we also missed a lot of voices from our community. We take
responsibility for leaving many of you behind by focusing on a very
corporate-management solution to the initial question which prompted
this process. A question we think still is relevant: The identity of
openSUSE both as a Community and as a Project.

Initially our goal was to answer: ”Who is openSUSE and what does it
(want to) do?” prompted by the discussion about the default desktop at
the openSUSE conference last year. In five years the openSUSE project
has evolved from a fully company-driven project to a communty project
where everybody can contribute. This has brought uncertainty and a lack
of direction. The current lack of a clear ‘story behind it all’ is
hampering our ability to establish a common identity and sense of
security. From a marketing point of view, it becomes an uphill battle…

Throughout the process, we consulted some people and the discussion
about a strategy started with the goal to solve this issue. However,
many feel that ‘strategy’ and the approach to find one is not fitting
our community. We lost most of you in the second paragraph of the
strategy pages on the wiki – too much talk.

We would like to go back to the start and focus on describing who we
are, as a community, instead of finding new ways to go. The input you
all have given us by mail, forums, IRC and in person was valuable and
we will use that. So that is what we will do:
- Highlight the story behind openSUSE
- Identify what users we target and illustrate what we offer to them,
- Connect it with the issues that matter most to our community And then
we will document this story, image, direction, strategy – or however
your call it .

 From you all – we will continue to seek your input on it once we post
it. By mail, forum, IRC or in person – again. Without your help it
won’t be much, so please think about that!


Your strategy team
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