Fedora 20 (yes, F20).

Máirín Duffy duffy at fedoraproject.org
Wed Sep 8 22:24:33 UTC 2010


Think for a minute or two. What do *you* think Fedora should focus on
for F15 and F16? How about F17? F18? F19...or... F20? What should F20
look like, how should it be, who uses it.... at least, for us to have
succeeded towards achieving our mission as a project?

Okay, hold that thought.

So, the Fedora Board has set a due date of Sep. 27 for the vision
statement to be finalized. The vision statement will probably be
something along the lines of the kind of thought you're holding now to
help us figure out what we should be doing between now and F20.

It seems like the convo kind of peters out here on the list [1], so
let's do a live chat on IRC and see what we come up with. Here's some
times during the rest of this week and early next week. Can you make any
of them?


Fill it out with your available times! I'll try to announce a time by
this Friday AM for us to meet based on the responses I got. We'll hold
the discussion in #fedora-advisory-board on irc.freenode.net.

Please show up with your ideas for what Fedora 20 should look like! :)


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