Whiteboard photos from lmacken & duffy anthropology report review

Máirín Duffy duffy at fedoraproject.org
Thu Sep 9 15:58:58 UTC 2010

On Wed, 2010-09-08 at 19:07 -0400, Máirín Duffy wrote:
> ** mizmo to post whiteboard photos from report review session w lmacken

Here they are, although I'm afraid they may not make very much sense
without a transcription:

So here's my attempt at a transcription; note we brainstormed
specifically about potential solutions to the issues brought up in
Diana's report:

1) Super FAQ for Better communication / onboarding for contrbutors

IRC meets twitter meets dynamic FAQ

threaded convos on the topics youcare about
tag any line, convo - tag something as a good answer, tag is as an faq
entry (similar to tagging in the meetingbot notes... tag with #action
and it's called out as an action item, etc.)

2) SIG Dashboard

make it easier to onboard into a particular sig or subgroup in Fedora -

- numbers (how many folks in SIG?)
- tickets (what open tickets can I help out with? what is the team
working on now?)
- history/timeline (over the past x months what has the team been
- SOP library for the team (I want to help with a ticket, but what's the
SOP for the work?)
- services the team provides (can this team help me?)
- new members (make them visible, make them feel welcome)
- mentors (who's a trustworthy  authority figure in this group who can
help me out?)
- list of packages (as applicable, the packages this group maintains and
their status)
- RSS feed to follow all of the above or parts of it

3) Join app

- fill out a profile with your skills & interests
- app will return back mentors who match up with you, SIGs, tickets /
bugs, and upstream projects that might be of interest 

4) fedora.tv

- have a Fedora miro channel
- "Fedora TED talks"
- FUDcon videos
- screencasts

5) Q & A

- Have an '?' icon everywhere for people to submit questions from Fedora
websites about anything

6) Personal Dashboard
- Prioritized bugzilla & trac tickets
- ACtion items assigned to you during meetingbot meetings
- communication threads
- outstanding IRC pings
- what you're mentees are up to
- what folks are saying about you in irc, blogs / planet, mailing lists
- timeline of your contributions

7) Auto-generated FWN articles (gentoo does something like this)

- which users left the project this week
- what new users joined Fedora this week?
- weekly statistics for Fedora (membership & downloads)
- weekly interviews
  - cool to have an auto-interview app that emails a contributor each
week with a set of questions and mails it back to the editor for FWN

8) New contributor party

- should be right after release as Diana indicated this is the best time
to on-board folks
- have a party where new contributors can meet up with existing
contributors to learn the ropes and get started
- fedora meetups like meetup.com, around the world on the same day?

9) Fedora world map
- statistics - zoom in on a region for it's particular stats, zoom out
for world-wide stats
- events - find events worldwide thru map navigation

10) Communication unifier

- we have work & commentary on fedora happening all over the place,
would be nice to have an app that aggregates topically across all
mediums eg
- identi.ca, twitter, facebook, mailing list, blog posts, news articles,
- so if mizmo does a post on the F14 wallpaper, and a news site picks it
up and people provide feedback on the new article's comments field, and
folks message design team folks on identi.ca with more feedback, and
people talk about it on facebook - would be nice to have one page to see
all the commentary on that one project

11) Fedora Hall of fame

(folks in Brno might be working on this?)

12) better mailing lists / discussion app

13) live usb creator improvements

14) feedback loop

15) design hub

16) new contrbutor integration dashboard

17) SIG dashboard

Overall: separate communicated content from the medium in which it was
delivered, and remix it to be more easily found & read by new
contributors or folks who are interested in joining but want to see what
we're about.


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