Community domain request: Italy

robyduck at robyduck at
Fri Sep 10 07:36:23 UTC 2010

Dear Sirs,
my name is Robert Mayr and I'm the owner and webmaster of, with a regular trademark license. Our staff is  
composed by myself, 3 moderators and 1 collaborator.
On our community websites, which exists since january 2005, we have a  
well frequentated forum, guides and howtos, news, videos, ecc. There  
are actually 5800 registrated users and we are the only active  
community in Italy. The others are gone ( and or are not mantained ( regularly.
I write this request for obtaining the domain,  
asking you to make a simple redirect to
I hope this is possible without changing anything on our site.
Best regards

Robert Mayr

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