proposal to make free the logo of Fedora

René Mérou h at
Tue Sep 14 17:39:37 UTC 2010


My name is René Mérou.

I'm debian mantainer, member of the staf of bulma (local user grup of Palma de 
Mallorca, Spain)  and the staff of Hispalinux (the bigest asociation in Spain 
for free software). I have been in the staf of IGLUES (busines software for 
accounting ,  biling and terminal point of sell 100 % free)

I use to give talks about privacy and gpg, workshops and signing parties,  
explain the bulmages,  the software from IGLUES.  Im active in free software 
since 8 years ago in spain and i publish the like the half of articles in our 
local user grup for the last 5 years.

Sorry about that noise, it was just to say im not new and i know what i want 
to propose and the valures related.

At this moment,  the article of bulma with more atraction for the public is 
the free software concept map.  It has more than 300 webs in the spanish world 
talking about it.  At this moment its translated to 30 diferent langues. (im 
realy happy about it :)

This free software concept map is didactical matherial for teachers to explain 
free software with exercices and tests .

At this moment its in NEW cue in debian like a documentation package fsmap.deb 
(im a debian mantainer).

And i am interested to make it a fedora package too.

As you can see in the references of the license,  all in the map is free (as 
freedom).  Anyone can use any part of it and use it for any work they want to 
do.  For money or not.  Without to need to ask the authors any permision. And 
without any problem with law.  If they dont change the licence of the 

If you check it you will see that there is one logo of debian.  But its free.  
One logo for icecat, kde, gnu, ... all of then free.

I need to put ubunto because in edu its the most used in some countries, like 
mine, but the logo of ubuntu its not 100% free so i did not added it.

Firefox make problems with the logo but it so important in making understand 
free software to pupils than i cant foget it and i need to make one 
workarround for the problem and i found one icon free.  Its not the exact same 
but pupils will recognice it.  

That strategy is used with OpenBSD too.  To explain informatics and free 
software i understand usefull to explain 3 diferent operative sistems:  bsd, 
linux and solaris - opensolaris.   I know openbsd is not so popular but it 
allows the teachers to talk about the human valures (privacy and securety,  
very important and exciting) witch i think its very related to free software.  
So i used one othe free fish and not the spufy because it was not free.

As you can see,  i try to do one workarround to add free contents related to 
the terms i want to explain.

Sometimes i can talk with authors to change the licence and that can happend.  
The new squirt of debian and the Panda amanda (window maker mascot)  was 
changed to gpl by the author.

Its more easy to obtain free content from the authors if we make our visible 
contents free.  And thats important because they are used to other licences 
for their material.

To add one image to one free game, one sound, its not imposible,  but to find 
one guy working in publicity to make his work avaliable and usable free for 
the proyect its not very usual.

So,  my proposal is to change the license of the logo or make one logo (the 
same or a new one) in other to consider that logo free as it can be if it is 
gpl or cc-by-sa or ... 

The actual logo is in wikipedia:

with the advice that we need to be sure we can use it the laws.

I will use one free version in the maps like i use debian.  And other contents 
upstreamers will be able to do the same.

I know i am able to use it, specialy for this work, and no one will telme 
anything.  Thats not the point.

I prepare free content and i need all the parts free contents too.  As to say 
to the public "is free (libre), you can use it without problems, like all the 
other icons, no one will make you problems" That is needed. 

A lot of proyects in the free software world use gpl or cc-by-sa logos and 
that makes no problems to then. 

Please consider my proposal and sorry my very long email and mistakes with 

Saludos desde Palma de Mallorca (regads from Palma de Mallorca, Spain)
René Mérou

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