proposal to make free the logo of Fedora

Tom "spot" Callaway tcallawa at
Tue Sep 14 18:21:34 UTC 2010

On 09/14/2010 01:39 PM, René Mérou wrote:

> So,  my proposal is to change the license of the logo or make one logo (the 
> same or a new one) in other to consider that logo free as it can be if it is 
> gpl or cc-by-sa or ... 

Hello René,

We have had this discussion in the past, but because our logo is
actually a trademark, Red Hat's legal department has advised us that
openly permitting modification could put the Fedora trademark at risk.

We have setup extensive guidelines on when the Fedora trademarks can be
used (and how) here:

This is the best we can do, at this time.


Tom Callaway, Fedora Legal

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