proposal to make free the logo of Fedora

René Mérou ochominutosdearco at
Wed Sep 15 15:21:05 UTC 2010

> Just wanted to make it clear that this discussion has been ongoing for many
> years.
> --g

I can imagine it. Its in deed in our nature ,  in the core of our work.
We believe that freedom risks are a cost we can afford working for our values.  
Specially when the freedom is one of then.

I understood something now that i did not knew before: The trademark is not in 
the hands and decision of the community.  Its in the hands of the enterprise. 
I'm not telling that's a bad thing or a good thing.  Its just i did not 
understood that before. In this situation i would propose the same of you, to 
create a new logo 100% free for the use of the community.

I think i did what i was able to do,  to ask for one open debate to consider 
the freedom in the logo. i must accept that the answer is no.

If the enterprise, witch is not a community and has not the same point of 
view, does not allow one open logo (with good or bad reasons),  I'm no one to 
judge or push things in this community. I just maintain one point of view and 
respect the others.

Ill try to make one package of the concept map for fedora and continue my work 
and fights. I don't think you will need me more on this subject. I strongly 
think you must have hackers with clear ideas and inspiration on it. I feel 
like i make a little noise and i don't wanted to disturb.  

I want to be very reasonable and peaceful while I express that that freedom 
open debates are different than just have answers from the authorities.  And if 
we have one enterprise telling what we can do, we have one strong authority 
and a freedom risk.  

Thanks for listening my point of view and have a lot of luck in the future.

See you around folks :)
And thank you all for Fedora.
René Mérou

What people feel in freedom is always new and exciting but some times we  
forget that freedom is inside the heard not outside. 

No mater what the reality is or what conditions we have, the freedom we feel 
is related to the imagination and the hope we have and the ones we accepted we 
can have. 


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