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On 09/18/2010 11:28 AM, Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> Fedora legacy was actually a blessed subproject which some community
> members attempted to sustain.   If the site out of compliance with
> current naming policy it is only because the policy has evolved in
> recent creation. It's not using any of the protected marks, neither
> the Fedora nor the Red Hat  marks.  It may be ancient history now
> (though some of the key members of the effort reading this may not
> like being called ancient).. it was still an important experiment in
> the early days of the Fedora project.  I'm not sure removing it from
> the wiki is entirely a good idea...because I'd hate for this project
> community to forget that it was attempted and subsequently fail to
> glean lessons from the attempt in a future effort along the same
> lines.

The domain expires in Dec of 2011.  I do not have any
plans to renew it.  Should Fedora/RHT wish to pick up the domain to
protect trademark, they are welcome to it and I would do the work now to
transfer it.

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