proposal to make free the logo of Fedora

René Mérou ochominutosdearco at
Wed Sep 22 17:15:16 UTC 2010

On Viernes 17 Septiembre 2010 16:42:53 Jon Masters escribió:
> On Wed, 2010-09-15 at 17:21 +0200, René Mérou wrote:
> > I understood something now that i did not knew before: The trademark is
> > not in the hands and decision of the community.  Its in the hands of the
> > enterprise. I'm not telling that's a bad thing or a good thing.  Its
> > just i did not understood that before. In this situation i would propose
> > the same of you, to create a new logo 100% free for the use of the
> > community.
> Let's make something clear, though. Even if the community makes a "free"
> logo, it isn't going to be able to allow just any use of it, if it wants
> that logo to have legal protection. You might think the legal protection
> is not important, but Mo and others have pointed out abuses of the GNOME
> logo that I think you might care about not happening to any Fedora logo.
> If you don't protect the logo, there's nothing to prevent someone
> creating a version of a totally different with the Fedora logo on it,
> using it to undermine the project, or one of many other things.
> Jon.
I have just received one email tellingme that this email whit the note:

<<has been rejected by the list moderator.  The moderator gave the
following reason for rejecting your request:

"No reason given">>

So thats why i resend it. I see the debate is now closed.

Maybe the only result was to make bad feelings to the point to reject my last 
notes about it or maybe its possible to still write some ideas with no bad 

I think ill put it here and if it can make any good, well.  If not, i did my 

I desire you all the best luck.

My original answer: --------------------------------------------------------

Jon, I respect your opinion. And I'm sure you aren't alone with it.  But maybe 
there are something i can explain in my point of view.

I respect the artists that say, 'No, i don't want my art redistributed.'  I 
respect the ones that allow to be redistributed but not wining money. I 
respect the guys that allowme to redistribute and win money but not to change 

The things I do have not that kind of licenses, none of that. My 
contributions can be changed, sold, and used.

When one artist talks about this point, to answer well is not just as simple 
as to say one phrase.  This freedom we propose making free software or free 
knowledge, of free sounds or free art or literature, or free contents,  (in 
general free and modifiable contents) is not always easy to understand. We face 
people living in different paradigms with no time to read about different words. 

Everyone see with more clarity and/or more sensibility different effects of 
freedom. And every artist can be more receptive to different ones.

So to explain to one normal scientist about open science (witch for us is like 
the only one normal/ethic/productive science),  or to explain to one musician 
to give not only his music openly (in front to the standard way to be rich as 
music) not only that, to say him to give the components of his music to the 
community,  to say to one graphic artist to give the different layers of the 
master piece to make the result or make one variation ...   IT NOT EASY.

No mater if we are good using the words.

But we have 2 strong points to win.

1- We  believe(and HAVE CHECKED OUT a lot of times) that the results of this 
freedom and collaborative way to do things are much more productive and have a 
lot of advantages and specially follow the values we most appreciate.

Creativity, ethics, collaboration, security, privacy, non-discrimination, 
transparency, ...  freedom.

Note: Please read capitals as slow kind talking not crying.

2- We make example with our own work.  

Some of we believe in a better society, some of we just believe in a better 
way to thinks,  some just want to be allowed to form part of something they 
don't understand, ...  every people is a world, but all of us give one little 
thing in this freedom way.  In this,  WE ACT AS WE TALK.

I propose you to talk about this because i still believe/see that the goods 
are more and more valuable of the looses and because that's the way we use to 
do things. The way we think that the contributions are better build.

And its not a hope, the time have past and we have now the results with this 
freedom in arts and contributions.  There have been attacks  but the true is 
that the steps we deed have been confirmed by the time.

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