Fedora Board Recap 2010-09-27

Chris Tyler chris at tylers.info
Tue Sep 28 02:01:00 UTC 2010

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== Roll Call ==
* Present: Matt Domsch, Jared Smith, Jon Stanley, Rex Dieter, Máirín
Duffy, Christopher Aillon, Tom Callaway, Chris Tyler
* Absent: Colin Walters (may be out on PTO)
* Regards: Stephen Smoogen

* Assigned meeting secretary: Chris Tyler, with gobby notes by everyone

== Agenda ==
* Updates
* Didn't meet last week due to FUDCon Zurich
* Work on Open Tickets

=== Updates ===
* FUDCon Zurich
** mizmo: A lot of people not happy with Fedora EMEA situation
** Many people seemed disappointed that there weren't more non-RH folks
** Not as many talks as previous FUDCons
** BarCamp worked well, very well organized
** Spot: Many folks disappointed that the barcamp was on the last day,
and they were unable to participate
*** Some folks went sightseeing the first day, and missed the first day
of hackfests
*** Defintely don't put barcamp on the last day in Tempe (this has not
historically been done in NA)
** mizmo: Dave Crossland gave a great talk on open source typography
*** would be great to reach out to more subject-matter experts in the
wider FLOSS community and invite them to FUDcons (anyone in mind for
FUDcon Tempe?)
* Fedora 14 Beta tomorrow
** Go/no-go last Wed - No beta blockers identified, release bits flipped
tomorrow morning.

=== Open Tickets ===
* Ticket 78: Vision statement *
** Proposals **
*** Proposed VS from Spot: ''To encourage adoption of new and casual
users, to provide a platform for expansion and development for power
users, and to create a community of thriving contributions within a free
software ideaology.'' (done in the order of the pyramid, maybe flip
order) - Edited: ''To create a community of thriving contributions
within a free software ideaology, to provide a platform for expansion
and development for power users, and to encourage adoption
(participation? collaboration?) of (by?) new and casual users''
*** Existing proposal from Mairin: ''The Fedora Project envisions a
widely-adopted and thriving free & open source software ecosystem
improving users' lives worldwide." (30-Aug)''
*** Existing proposal from Jared: ''The Fedora Project works to create a
world in which (the culture of) free/open-source software is pervasive,
collaboration is the norm, and people are empowered to control their own
data and devices.''
*** on-the-fly proposal based on spot's - '' A thriving, diverse,
collaborative free culture community; a healthy free culture ecosystem
for expansion and development for power users; and to encourage free
culture collaboration with new and casual users.''
*** on-the-fly proposal based on Jared's - '''''The Fedora Project
creates a world in which free and open culture is both welcoming and
pervasive, collaboration  and outreach is the norm, and people are
empowered to control their own content and devices.'''''
**** Agreed: Consider this the "Final Draft for Comments", jsmith to
send to advisory-board, consider comments, and vote for final approval
in one week.
**** IRC meeting at 2 pm EDT on Friday Oct 1 for community discussion.
Comments close EOD UTC Friday.
** Discussion
*** mdomsch: People don't join communities to join a commnunity, they
join because they have matching goals/ideals
*** spot: jared's doesn't answer as many questions as i'd like when
considering new features/etc
**** caillon: we could have a vision statement for the project as a
whole, and a separate one or separate mission statement for the distro
**** spot: if someone wants to do free music around that statement, can
they? it specifically says software
**** jsmith: change it to not refer specifically to software
**** spot: can it answer the question: "does this have a broader benefit
to help us grow our community or not?" i called out new & casual users
because it can be mapped against specific propsals as being in line with
it or not - if Fedora the OS had a separate statement that specifically
mentions these users, that would do the same thing, but will we actually
have one?
**** caillon: new & casual users is implied: if the majority of ppl in
the world look at fedora and think it's unusable then we won't ever
achieve our goal
*** after we select the vision statement, come up with a set of tangible
goals, focus on specific SIGs/teams and outline how they can help
achieve it (guidance for fesco, guidance for sigs, etc)
*** everyone should be thinking about short-medium term, next 1-3 fedora
releases, goals we'd like to set, not too technically-specific, to meet
vision. for example, encourage more people making backgrounds => instead
of saying we want 100 new backgrounds for the next 3 releases, rather
say we want an improved focus on free art, and allow fesco/sigs to
figure out what that means to them and have them set the specific
tangible goals on their own.
*** jstanley: barcamp session at next fudcon to discuss implementation
possibly. People are much less likely to be hostile to each other when
they're in the same room, and the discussion can be more focused.

* Ticket 82: Charter for Community Working Group (if time permits)
** Tabled for next week

=== Any Other Business? ===

* (None)

=== Next meeting(s) ===
* IRC Fri Oct 1: 2 PM EDT (and every other Friday after that for Office
** Rotating duty so at least one board member is present
* Phone Mon Oct 4: 2 PM EDT (and every Monday after that)

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