Final draft of the Fedora Vision Statement, last chance to comment

Jared K. Smith jsmith at
Tue Sep 28 11:00:13 UTC 2010

As you may well be aware, the Fedora Board has put significant effort
over the past two months in crafting a vision statement for Fedora.
Discussion has taken many different forms, including the
advisory-board mailing list, IRC meetings, and even some in-person
discussion at FUDCon Zurich.  The Board is now happy to announce the
final draft of the vision statement:

"The Fedora Project creates a world in which free and open culture is
both welcoming and pervasive, collaboration and outreach are the norm,
and people are empowered to control their own content and devices."

Please feel free to comment on this final draft until the end of the
day (UTC time) on Friday, October 1 by responding here on the
advisory-board list.  The Fedora Board will also be having an IRC
Board Meeting at 18:00 UTC (2:00pm EDT, 11:00am PDT) in
#fedora-board-meeting on Friday to gather any additional input on this
final draft.  The Board will then discuss the feedback and vote to
ratify the vision statement in our meeting scheduled for Monday,
October 4th.

Thank you to everyone who has helped with comments and suggestions!

Jared Smith
Fedora Project Leader

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