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giallu at gmail.com giallu at gmail.com
Sun Jan 9 13:42:54 UTC 2011

I'd like some opinions about this issue some people (including me) are
discussing in the it-users mailing list.

Some time ago, the Italian ambassadors group was asked to contribute
to the (re)birth of the http://fedora-it.org community web site. As
far as I understand, contributions will be limited to content while
server maintenance is provided by ILDN - Italian Linux Distro Network
and sponsored by a private company, twinbit. The network comprises
several domains dedicated to other distributions (mandriva, debian,
slackware, etc) and are based on a shared and customized Drupal

Now, it turns out the whole network is hosted by a Ubuntu server
instance and I wondered if this make it somewhat inconvenient for
Fedora Ambassadors to participate directly.

I surely know I'm not comfortable with it but I realize other
ambassadors are free, as adult individuals, to choose if they want to
participate or not to the effort.

The question is more whether the Fedora Project has (or wants to have)
a position on the topic sooner rather than later, given the new site
was not yet announced officially and they will need to apply for the
Fedora trademark license shortly after that.

Thank you very much


Gianluca Sforna

http://identi.ca/giallu - http://twitter.com/giallu

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