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Mike McGrath mmcgrath at redhat.com
Mon Jan 10 16:55:34 UTC 2011

On Mon, 10 Jan 2011, Ralf Corsepius wrote:

> On 01/10/2011 05:27 PM, seth vidal wrote:
> > On Mon, 2011-01-10 at 17:21 +0100, Ralf Corsepius wrote:
> >>> We do this because the lifecycle of Fedora is not compatible with
> >>> providing and maintaining a long life hosting infrastructure. Does that
> >>> mean that Fedora is not an ideal platform for server deployments lasting
> >>> longer than a year and a half? Yes, in my humble opinion.
> >>
> >> You are expecting users to live with this life-cycle (on servers and
> >> clients), so you telling us that Fedora is unsuitable for Fedora's own
> >> servers seems rather poor to me.
> >
> > We want to provide stability, which does not mean constantly upgrading
> > the server's base os.
> But you are expecting Fedora's users to do so?

I'm fairly certain Seth isn't expecting Fedora users to use Fedora on
their server.

We have this conversation every few months.  It's just about picking the
right tool for the job.  Too many people think that every distro should be
used for every use case and that one distro is somehow 'better'.

It's just about identifying what ones needs are, and picking the best OS
for the need.  In Fedora's case we do have Fedora on some servers, but for
most of our needs RHEL is a better fit.


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