Dear Fedora board, please open your trac

Joerg Simon jsimon at
Tue Jan 11 16:57:23 UTC 2011

Am 11.01.2011 17:25, schrieb Jared K. Smith:
> In the rest of the tickets, we talk about the tickets in
> our meetings, and make no secret about what the tickets are related
> to.  Are there other problems you're trying to address with this
> proposal, other than the one I stated?  

i can only interpret - how does the board handle private discussions
with the owner of a proposal or a request who want´s to follow or coach
boards decission making process, or keep trac on something he brought to
the Board.

> If so, let's discuss it here.
> Once we have a clear definition of the problem, then we can move on to
> research, ideation, etc.

we also decided not to open the FAmSCo Trac Instance, because we came to
the conclusion that we can not expose private/personal information out
of our tickets

But we made really good experiences to allow authenticated Users create
new tickets and let them follow up only their own tickets - no others.
should be
authenticated = TICKET_CREATE
authenticated = TICKET_VIEW_SELF
board	      = TICKET_VIEW

i think this could be a good middle way.

cu Joerg

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