The future of optical media within the project.

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Wed Jan 12 18:08:34 UTC 2011

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> Máirín Duffy (duffy at said: 
> > > This is just intended to get the discussion going and the pros and
> cons 
> > > of continuing to distribute cd/dvd sized images as opposed to (
> larger ) 
> > > images targeted against USB flash drives.
> > 
> > A big pro to abandoning CD size images for the default install is
> the
> > option of including more languages than just English...
> The Desktop live image does include multiple languages; not all
> CD-sized
> spins do, though.

The point of this message is to remind everyone, we already have an install method that lets you install the language of your choice, we have had it for years. Anyone that has ever talked to me about it or has been in #fedora when I am supporting users knows I dislike the LiveMedia as it is currently designed when it comes to installing. I do not care to get in to that yet again, any requests for details will be ignored.

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