Remaining issues for the multi desktop DVD (was: Re: Dear Fedora board, please open your trac)

Máirín Duffy duffy at
Wed Jan 12 19:08:55 UTC 2011

On Wed, 2011-01-12 at 13:54 -0500, seth vidal wrote:
> "compromise our brand"? I think I'd like a lot more evidence to support
> that claim than you've offered.
> 1. I do not believe our brand is known for polish
> 2. I do not believe that this will compromise anything.

Paul just posted this review excerpt on a couple of lists today:

"...[W]hat bowled me over first was not KDE -- it was the new Fedora
website. Never have I seen such an outstanding presentation of free
and open source software, or of an operating system, done so
meticulously. Even if FOSS is not your cup of tea, it may succeed in
wooing you."

94im-smiling-about-laughlin/ )

We may not be known for polish but there are folks including myself who
have been working very hard to get us there release-by-release. The
website redesign over the past 3 release has been the first major phase;
the next phase is syslinux, installer, and firstboot polish. [1]
Distributing media far & wide with a sloppy & unpolished menu screen as
the very first thing you see when you try Fedora out would definitely be
a step back in the midst of those efforts as it's introducing a new
unpolished element at a time when we're actively trying to eradicate

> > The difference in opinions I think is because where some see a
> > functional product that solves a technical problem, I see an
> > embarrassingly, visibly flawed promotional item. Such distributed media
> > primarily are promotional items IMHO. E.g., people have come up to me at
> > show booths to tell me they 'collect' the media but don't actually use
> > it as they download Fedora to install from our website.

> "embarrassingly, visibly flawed" - I think that's a touch hyperbolic,
> don't you?

I don't, otherwise I would not have written it. I did and still do
acknowledge we've got some very different perspectives. Is a more
aesthetic / polish-oriented perspective invalid, since it's the

Put another way, if you paid for a professional designer to do this for
you and they provided you a mockup that appears exactly as the menu
appears today, would you feel you'd gotten good value for your money?

(I'd fire them.)


[1] See "Background" and "Strategy for the Installation User Experience"

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