Remaining issues for the multi desktop DVD (was: Re: Dear Fedora board, please open your trac)

Jared K. Smith jsmith at
Wed Jan 12 19:09:13 UTC 2011

2011/1/12 Máirín Duffy <duffy at>:
> I'd like to make it clear that the unpolished menu is not a problem for
> ambassadors themselves to use home-burnt multispin media in usage for
> demo machines. I do personally take issue with Fedora funding media that
> includes an unpolished syslinux menu with the purpose of distributing
> said media far and wide to would-be users for the promotion of Fedora,
> as I strongly believe it would compromise our brand.

I respectfully disagree.  I think this is being blown entirely out of
proportion.  I've attached two screenshots -- one of the current
syslinux boot menu from Fedora 14, and the other from a sample
multi-boot DVD image Christoph provided me.  I don't see how the one
Christoph provided compromises our brand in any respect.

(Please note that the names in the attached screenshot will change --
they had dates in them to make it easier to see which images were
being used.)

Jared Smith
Fedora Project Leader
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