Remaining issues for the multi desktop DVD

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On 1/12/11 2:27 PM, David Riches wrote:
  > Thanks..
  > It doesn't matter too much, certainly from mmc's perspective anyway;
  > isolinux.cfg and grub.conf aren't too dissimilar, and its not like we're
  > trying to load different filesystem modules or anything, I just wondered
  > why.
  > Grub2 is an entirely different story IMO, and probably outside of the
  > scope of this discussion at least - but I do strongly believe that
  > effort should be put into grub2 (its in the repos after all, just seems
  > to have been left to gather dust)
  > I know Christoph has put a deal of effort into this, and I really think
  > its a worthwhile project - so I'm happy to help moving it to isolinux if
  > thats the case, I don't think massive amount of work need to be put in
  > from where it is now.
  Grub2 for this project might be a good destination.  I just don't think
  we can throw a F14 iso set out to thousands and thousands of users and
  more downloaders without first having tested it as part of our release
  cycle.  For F15, sure, give it a go and see what pans out.
  I'm not even sure isolinux can chain load like this is trying to do.
  I'm getting more and more uncomfortable with this offering all the time.afaik, isolinux can do the same job that grub is currently doing, because its not attempting to chainload the isos. I'm happy to test it tomorrow though.

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