Remaining issues for the multi desktop DVD

Máirín Duffy duffy at
Thu Jan 13 15:25:02 UTC 2011

On Thu, 2011-01-13 at 15:16 +0000, Adam Williamson wrote:
> No, we're talking about tracking the Board's discussion of whether to
> accept the multidesktop spin. That's one issue, which would be perfectly
> suited to being tracked in trac...if the people *proposing* the
> multidesktop project could access the ticket.

There's more than one issue come up in that discussion and it involves
work items for folks working on multidesktop.

> All the various issues involved in implementing the multidesktop spin
> which are being discussed (I think incorrectly and counter-productively)
> here could be tracked as separate tickets, either in trac or Bugzilla,
> depending on the preferences of the multidesktop developers. But those
> aren't Board issues, so it's not a problem, because they wouldn't need
> to go into the Board trac.

Okay so as a board member who has issues she would like to see resolved
before the spin is approved, where do I file my issues? This mailing
list certainly isn't effective but I have no idea where else to report

> As I said, what we need a system for keeping track of is the process of
> the Board approving (or otherwise) the project. This is the sort of
> thing the Board uses its trac instance for anyway, right?

Sure, but it'd be awful redundant for the board to say, resolve these 6
issues... then each of those 6 issues is a separate issue in another
trac instance. A lot of manual copying back and forth no? 


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