The future of optical media within the project.

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> ?
> Why should it be forbidden and when did I ever say that?

Sorry, it was not clear... Just wanted to make sure. ;) 

> If people are force to use the DVD for upgrade cases then something
> is seriously wrong

Well, currently you can do: 

* backup data, clean install, restore data. 
* use the dvd install media
* preupgrade
* yum upgrade

> I personally dont advocate the use of preupgrade but rather advises 
> users to keep seperated /home it just subscribing to headache if the 
> upgrade fails
> If we official support "upgrading" then I would expect that. . . .

We always have in the past. I suspect some people might get mad if we
dropped all upgrade ability. ;) 
> A) being able to upgrade from cli via yum upgrade/preugrade
> B) from the DE enviroment I was in via some application 
> preupgrade/packagekit
> C) Do it from Live media

The live media cannot upgrade. It doesn't have the rpms available, it
just has itself (an already installed os). 

> D) Do it from the Installer

That needs the dvd media, or netinstall iso and network at least. 

> And I know for a fact that the only thing that gets tested at QA is 
> preupgrade itself not various upgrade paths for example from a
> various Live media  minimal install and a full blown everything
> install etc..

Live cannot do updates at all. ;) 

> If the live media and the installer could coexist on the iso image
> they would have to do minimal install and continue from there that is
> if no *DE image is not good enough for them.

Yeah, but that requires network access to get the packages that are

> > One final question here... why is this going to the Board?
> > Isn't this a more technical detail that would be suited for FESCo to
> > decide? (after all, they decided to drop split cd install media,
> > should the Board decide that instead).
> Good point I'll gather the feed back here and open a ticket with FESCO


> Ps. Should not FESCO decide the Multi Desktop DVD then as well?

This is a special case, because the item is going to be shipped as
"Fedora" so it needs Board trademark approval. 

I suppose the Board could ask Fesco to handle the tech details and
submit it for trademark later in the process, but they must approve the
use of "Fedora" here. 

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