Remaining issues for the multi desktop DVD

Tom Callaway tcallawa at
Thu Jan 13 19:56:55 UTC 2011

On 01/13/2011 02:43 PM, Christoph Wickert wrote:
> ure there are more issues to solve, but most of them are not the boards
> business. The ticket in the board's trac should *only* deal with the
> things necessary to grant the trademark approval, these are the things
> outlined in


Assuming that you're still pursuing trademark permission for a Fedora 14
based version of the Multi-Desktop DVD, could you please present, as
requested, the following:

* Proposed media artwork for the Multi-Desktop DVD
* Proposed media-sleeve artwork for the Multi-Desktop DVD
* Screenshots of Boot Screens for the Multi-Desktop DVD
* Documented sign-off from Fedora Release Engineering that they are
willing, ready and able to generate the images for the Multi-Desktop DVD
* Documented sign-off from Fedora Quality Assuarance that they have
received and approved a QA test plan for the Multi-Desktop DVD and have
reviewed that the test plan was executed without issue.
* A list of the SRPMs used in the creation of the Multi-Desktop ISO
image (in this case, a collation of the list of SRPMs that make up each
incorporated spin would be sufficient)



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