Remaining issues for the multi desktop DVD

Jesse Keating jkeating at
Thu Jan 13 21:37:04 UTC 2011

On 1/13/11 1:33 PM, Jared K. Smith wrote:
> The script currently being considered is in a fedora-hosted repo[1],
> and could easily be turned into an SRPM if you think its necessary.
> We're talking about a dozen lines of bash here though -- it's not
> anything overly complex.
> [1] git clone ssh://

Didn't Bob post yesterday that this is not actually able to produce what
Cwickert is proposing?

To quote:

"It should be noted that the project listed on the wiki
page at this time has no immediate focus on creating compound LiveMedia
.iso images as Christoph is interested in. By his own admission
Christoph has nothing to do with the project. Trying to add support for
what Christoph is looking for was attempted and has been shelved for the
time being. The example screen shot shown was but an early test that
failed overall, since then mmc has been re-written and this function may
work in the future. "

Looks like we need some clarification from Christoph.

Regardless of how complex it is, we have an obligation to make it
available to people who receive the media or isos.

Jesse Keating
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