Fedora board Recap 2011-01-17

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at redhat.com
Tue Jan 18 13:05:48 UTC 2011

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= Fedora Board Meeting, 2011 01 17 =

*'''Secretary:''' Jaroslav Reznik (jreznik)
*'''Meeting Type:''' IRC

== Attendance ==
* Jared Smith (jsmith)
* Jaroslav Reznik (jreznik)
* Toshio Kurotami (abadger1999)
* Tom 'spot' Callaway (spot)
* Jon Stanley (jds2001)
* Rex Dieter (rdieter)
* Stephen Smoogen (smooge)
* Joerg Simon (kital)
* Máirín Duffy (mizmo)
* David Nalley (ke4qqq)

* Papadeas Pierros (liknus) and Igor Soares (igorps) representing FAmSCo

'''Not Present:'''

== Agenda ==
* Fedora strategic goals discussion with FAmSCo
== Notes/Summary ==

=== Fedora strategic goals discussion with FAmSCo ===

* Pierros Papadeas, the Chair of FAmSCo presented their thoughts on Fedora goals 
proposed by Board to the community discussion 
** FAmSCo prepared suggestions, additions and proposed ownership for goals - 
** FAmSCo feels that each goal needs specific deliverables and action items (and 
owners also)
*** Spot mentions that board would be looking to groups like FAMSCo to identify 
those deliverables and action items for themselves, with the understanding that 
other groups may also have deliverables/action items for the same goal 

=== GOAL #1: Improve and simplify collaboration in the Fedora Community (FAmSCo) 
* FAmSCo thinks that scheduling and events application is a key part in 
achieving this goal
** calendaring solution prepared by the end of 2011 (FAmSCo is working on) 

* face to face meetings
** ''IDEA'': At each FUDCon we can have at least one SCo fully present on this 
** the way we #1 improve SCo collaboration and #2 improve the level of FUDCons

=== GOAL #3: Improve and encourage high-quality communication in the Fedora 
Community (FAmSCo) ===
* more explanations on Summarizers
* Ambassadors have vast experience in meetings (regional, local etc ones)
** classrooms on hosting a meeting
* promote voice meetings-calls, especially for local teams (lower language 
barrier - jreznik)

=== GOAL #4: It is extraordinarily easy to join the Fedora community and quickly 
find a project to work on.  (FAmSCo) ===
* FAmSCo can lead this goal and make sure by the end of 2011 make deliver a 
barrier-free Joining procedure for each project of Fedora
** Kital prefers mentoring over barrier-free joining
** common steps to join different Fedora sub-projects, finding the right 
subproject based on contributor's profile

=== GOAL #11: Expand global presence of Fedora among users & contributors 
(FAmSCo) ===
* FAmSCo means Fedora Project global-wise (geographically) has two main issues
** minimal Africa presence
** no APAC wide Events and collaboration of community
* FAmSCo's goal is to have 4 FUDCons on our respective regions annually
** FADs can lead the way towards it
** depends on budget approvals and clearance of Community Architecture team
** FAmSCo reports minimal investments in new regions leading to major 
** https://fedoraproject.org/membership-map/

=== GOAL #12: Improve education & skill sharing in community (FAmSCo) ===
* FAmSCo has nothing particular to add to the goal #12

* FAmSCo preferences are #11 #4 #1 #3 (tie) #12 (in order of preference)
* Next thing is to hear what FESCo thinks, and to remind FESCo that we want 
their feedback from the list of 15 (and possible other goals), rather than the 
"5" preferred by Board
* Fedora Board thanks FAmSCo for valuable feedback!

== Action Items ==


== Next Meeting ==

Next meeting will be phone on 2011-01-24 at 19:00 UTC.

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