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Yuan Yijun bbbush.yuan at gmail.com
Mon Jan 24 15:55:46 UTC 2011

On Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 5:15 AM, Gerard Braad <gbraad at fedoraproject.org> wrote:
> the page is not finished and will initially act as a placeholder with
> information for new-comers. of course we are open to ideas. I have

Then it is a list of links, and it will not work. And my idea is to
keep using fedora-zh.org because it is a CMS system, also the wiki is
important -- we all know that. The wiki gives us a sense of active
involvement and corporate. The CMS system, if used properly, can allow
people to post to proper modules, thus provide another way of active
collaboration. Got it?

> already replied you with another email to reconsider some concerns we
> had. yes, gladly we would like to see this being part of
> fedora-zh.org, but as the current situation should also be known to
> you, this website is not available to Chinese within China.

The fedora-zh.org is blocked by GFW, not long ago. Such event is rare
and there are several ways to remedy:

* change the IP address. It is the IP, not URL is blocked. It requires
some monthly payment to have a dedicate IP.

* move to another space (for example, http://news.fedora-zh.org and
http://planet.fedora-zh.org is hosted on another space, shared with
http://szlug.org and is so far accessible.) This can be done at any

* move to the VPS kaio mentioned (because such migration is in the way
that I have not  perform the first one. I want to know the status.)

* move to somewhere sponsored by Red Hat (this is what you mentioned
in your last email, which I simply responded "I don't want to reply".
Again, I want to know the status.)

* move to some hosting spaces inside China MAINLAND. This is not
proper because I don't think we have sufficient people to monitor the
improper posts and comments. And we don't have money to pay the
hosting or the administration bureaus. Anyway, it should be the
correct direction. I think I am just overstating the difficulties --
because http://beijinglug.org is doing so well and the website is
hosted right at Beijing.

> Unfortunately we can not pay for articles people write. it is IMHO not
> the correct incentive for people to get things done and join the
> community. but hopefully someone can prove me wrong on this. at the
> moment we have a bunch of talented community members that act out of
> passion and we hope concentrating these efforts close to the actual
> project will help them.

No comment.


Hereby I explain why I don't want to reply your last email. What you
mentioned is you will find another hosting for the forum (and CMS),
and urge me to "change the Google Groups for Fedora to read-only, as
Google Groups is also GFW'ed we created the new mailinglist on
Fedora's infrastructure... make more people aware of this change."
Actually kaio had sent me a couple of emails, asking me to make the
mailing list read-only and modify the description of it to let people
beware of the changes. First of all, the mailing list is already
read-only unless you are blind -- unless one of the five moderators
let the email go. Secondly, the description of it has also been
updated in that way unless you are blind -- and you know
. Finally, I feel rather bad that I cannot help on other things, and
what I have to do is to simply shut down the mailing list. Do you have
a sense of my feeling? Do you have any idea about how to make
http://fedora-zh.org survive and retain those active contributors?
Other than forcing me to close an historically important way of
communication, you have a lot to do. Sure, kaio has forcefully
migrated all users to the new list, that was a good job. No more
forceful works in the future.

I'm sorry if I said anything not so Chinese.

bbbush ^_^

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