[Ambassadors] Petition for Board to dissolve FAmSCo and call new elections

Kévin Raymond shaiton at fedoraproject.org
Thu Apr 19 16:17:57 UTC 2012


Thank you all for having brought back this important topic.
I am one of those who haven't not paid too much attention to it,
because many things move to slowly I haven't seen this coming so
Yes there are meeting (and meeting minutes), but we can't expect all
contributors to know what is going on every teams they are involved
That said, important information or when contributors are asked to
give their voice, should come on a really low traffic mailing list
(like announce@), to be able to target the thread more efficiently
(CCing amba at the announce email should do it).

> With all of that in mind, I do not think the Board's first reaction to this
> should be to "dissolve FAMSCo".  However, I would definitely ask that FAMSCo
> reconsider their decision on how to implement the new Guidelines.  Option #2
> (I believe it was the same in the meeting.  I'm going by the email right
> now[1]_) was to have all seats re-elected at the F18 election with the
> 4 highest vote getters serving 1 year and the other 3 seats serving for
> 6 months.  This would make the transition swiftly while also taking care of
> the perception of unfairness.  This, I think, might be a good compromise
> between Option 1 and 3 which received votes at the meeting.

This would have my +1.


BTW, thanks to the actual FAmSCo members for their work, having a seat
imply responsibilities and so much time!
As said previously, having things done quickly could hurt but
sometimes we need to take decisions (last time it was with the trans
team about Transifex.net ^^).
And thanks for amba who are able to bring hot topic to other amba missing them…

Kévin Raymond

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