Connotation analysis for Fedora Project codenames

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at
Fri Mar 23 14:14:36 UTC 2012

there's ongoing discussion about the connotation analysis
of Fedora Project code names (so not only for Fedora itself
but other sub-projects too) started by Rajesh Ranjan (thanks
for ticket!). 

It's a right time to get an input from community as there's 
currently running Fedora 18 codename process [1].

As Rajesh posted to Fedora Board Track ticket, connotation is
"the emotional and imaginative association for a word, where
denotation is the strict dictionary meaning of a word."

Current process for selecting next code name is - community 
members suggests the name, there's publicly accessible list for 
everyone, then Board goes through the suggested names list to 
remove the clear examples of names breaking the policy (yeah, 
usually it's one search term in Google to find out the name has 
to be ruled out, but that's Board deal ;-) and this list is 
sent to Red Hat legal for proper legal review. Then the voting
is opened for everyone with valid FAS account and only names
that passed the process are allowed.

In Fedora we believe in freedom and openness, we don't have to 
stick to the strict "corporate-like| rules but on the other hand we
should respect our community and we don't want to offend anyone

Usually, we use the common sense to rule out offending stuff but 
also we (and Board neither) don't  have a degree in sociology, politics,
religion and our geek culture is also from the another universe :).

As I already pointed out - the process is open. Anybody can step
into in the early phase of naming selection and comment the 
potential problems. And I believe the Board members will think
about the concerns raised (at least me ;-). 

So personally I'd like to avoid any strict rule/policy as it could 
hurt our community, we don't have a proper set of skills to do 
the full analysis during the Board turn and I really hope with help 
provided by community we  can avoid the naming problems in the 
future - just we need your, community, input.

Any thoughts?

PS: I like Christoph's comment in ticket - that as an international 
project we should be proud of our diversity. It is a chance and 
a burden at the same time, Fedora will face this problem often and 
we can do our best to respect others and their views.



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