Connotation analysis for Fedora Project codenames

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Fri Mar 23 15:59:39 UTC 2012

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> On 03/23/2012 05:28 PM, Jaroslav Reznik wrote:
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> > What will be the direct consequences? Design? I'm not sure we're
> > fond of making artwork by name anymore, it's nice, some people
> > still care but it's time consuming etc. (my feeling). For packaging
> > - the name can be just replaced by generic fedora-something...
> > Not many people using it, so it can vanish. But as I said, I
> > still feel it as a part of "us" ;-)
> I see the name used a lot *outside* of the distro, almost all reviews
> are using it because is adding a more personal touch to the cold
> release
> number (that and probably because Ubuntu used them with named
> releases).

Yep, from outside it's more visible. Especially Beefy Miracle made
the spot in all showrooms - for inode0 - it's the name we're 
talking about. The perception of the name inside the project, the 
core people (for us, Beefy Miracle has something magical and you 
can imagine Bacon!) will be different compared to outside ones. 
For them it could be more difficult to understand it - some people 
could be offended (even we don't see reason), some people 
who understand fun would be justlaughing, some would be angry... 

So I don't think we have a problem inside our community but that 
*outside* perception could actually sound not the way we 
wanted it.

Still I feel the name as part of us as I already said ;)


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