Connotation analysis for Fedora Project codenames

Robert 'Bob' Jensen bob at
Fri Mar 23 17:14:51 UTC 2012

----- "Zoltan Hoppar" <hopparz at> wrote:

> Hi
> My personal opinion - partially agree with who says that we have to
> drop this current form of naming process. But for entirely, is
> bullshit. Why?
> Well,
> - People are giving names their kids right? Fedora isn't the kid of
> our community?
> - Why couldn't we choose only an name that we could build an entire
> marketing campaign, and get an advantage from curious or playful
> hacked names? Why couldn't we make associations with names, and show
> development curve - what we have done? Why couldn't we target an main
> feature, and associate an name to it?
> - Fedora is basically as we say bleeding edge, pioneering - right? Why
> couldn't say we are naming after scientists, inventors - dead or
> living one doesn't matter - and gain support from institutes....
> earlier we did dedication to our distribution, right? Let me ask - how
> many website has picked up our distro and introduced Fedora?
> A distribution, without a name, is without personality, or identity.
> If it has no identity, then it means we have a huge trouble.

Fedora™ has a potential identity, it has nothing to do with a codename, it has to do with the foundations. Some will say Fedora™ has an identity problem, maybe a codename with a wiener as a mascot shows that Fedora™ has reached an epic low with the codename of F17. You have been naming releases for more than a decade and have never built a marketing campaign around the name. I don't see the resources being available then or now. 

-- Bob

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