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#135: Connotations Problems with Beefy Miracle
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Comment (by jreznik):

  Forwarding my response to Board Ticket (with a few modification as a
  response to cwickert's post)

  The current process is - community members suggest the name, there's
  publicly accessible list for everyone [2], then Board goes through the
  suggested names list to remove the clear examples of names breaking the
  rules (yeah, usually it's one search term in Google to find out the name
  has to be ruled out, but that's Board deal ;-) and this list is sent to
  Red Hat legal for proper legal review.

  Voting is the open for everybody with FAS account. We try to make it
  transparent and clear, and easy to join. Step into! Vote!

  The rules are not only strict based on legal demands (existing trademark)
  but also we have one very similar rule - "Names of living people". The
  idea is not to offend anyone by using his/hers name. Usual joke is - who
  we have to kill to name the release after )

  What could be the solution for this? I really don't want any strict rules
  (I think these are already strict enough and I understand why), let's use
  the freedom not being the corporation to release just another boring
  product. But good way is just to go through the list of suggested names
  and comment there any possible issues to let Board members know, that it
  should be considered in final decision. As
  Board members we are not skilled in cultural/social/political aspects of
  all the parts of world and believe me, we do not want to offend anyone
  just to have a fun And I believe it will be considered
  in making the final list just using common sense.

  PS: as an European Board member I have sometimes difficulties to
  understand some US cultural links or language games

  PS2: there's another precedent that we're not completely apolitical -
  uberpackeger rename to provenpackager

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