Proposal: Revision of policy surrounding 3rd party and non-free software

Christian Schaller cschalle at
Tue Jan 21 20:13:12 UTC 2014

The basic idea of the proposal is to get away from Googling being the only tool we offer our users to find the software they need.

Of course what we could do here is build in web search functionality into the Software app, so that when you search for 'pdf viewer' it queries google or similar 
for sites with repository metadata and if it finds a repository which contains the 'pfd viewer' keyword it adds it to your Software app search result. 
It is a convoluted way of doing things, but since nobody objects to us packaging stuff that can search for things on the web, like Firefox, I guess we should be fine.


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> > On both Windows and Mac they are quickly moving to the appstore model.
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> > And it is not about being able to, it is about convenience. As I said
> > before, most people want
> > to spend their time and energy on their tasks not on the tool to do the
> > task.
> So why are we not working with the third-party vendors to ensure that
> they provide repository metadata in a way that's easy for users to find?
> We can do much better than we currently do without compromising on our
> commitment to free software.
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