Proposal: Revision of policy surrounding 3rd party and non-free software

Robert Mayr robyduck at
Wed Jan 22 12:00:23 UTC 2014

2014/1/22 Christian Schaller <cschalle at>:
> But since this is at this point a discussion about the general principles of Fedora and how they are applied the technical leads have not spent a lot of time and energy yet on figuring out possible technical solutions as that would be a wasted effort in people can't even agree on the principles.
> Christian

Yes and we shouldn't go further in this topic and talk just about the
principles, unless we want to establish a new record for number of
replies on a single topic.
Personally I think people already can install 3d party software, also
proprietary software, but I'm happy Fedora doesn't ship any non-free
software and tries since 10 years to promote FOSS solutions. This is
also the reason why me, and I think many other ambassadors, have
choosen to support Fedora, and not another 'distribuntu', spreading
its word around the world.

In all these replies I have exactly the same thoughts as Eric here:
"From a desire to push FOSS solutions I don't like making it easy to
use non-free solutions where free solutions are available.  It would
seem that we are endorsing these non-FOSS solutions which could also
be a problem."


Robert Mayr

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