Proposal: Revision of policy surrounding 3rd party and non-free software

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> Your wiki search inspired me.  I did one of my own.  I found pages
> that have existed since 2008 that mention 3rd party repositories:
> We also have one that explicitly tells you how to install Adobe flash,
> which is non-free software:
> (created in 2011)
> These are top-level wiki pages.  They are hosted on the Fedora
> project's website.  There are others.
> I do not doubt for a second that Fedora's objectives and principles
> are to promote Free software.  However, saying that a utility that
> searches for and enables specific 3rd party repositories that we
> already point to on our own wiki is against the very being of Fedora
> seems disingenuous at best.
Not to me. One is at best telling you that if you would like to look for
these things, there is a restaurant down the street you can go to pick up
your veal. The other is saying "I know we are a vegan restaurant, but we
have a fellow who goes down the street and picks up the veal you wanted. "

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