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On Thu, Jan 23, 2014 at 5:30 PM, Adam Williamson  wrote:

> If they shouldn't be touched, it would probably be prudent to make them
> protected pages - I believe the wiki has that feature.

Yes indeed but that would prevent me from updating the page as the best
practices have somewhat changed over time.  This is not a theoretical
concern.  Feel free to look up the page history.   I have edited it several
times to add notes on WebM,   remove instructions on installing swfdec
after it was orphaned etc.   I hope none of the updates have any legal
issues but I can't be sure.  FWIW,  search for Fedora flash brings up Ask
Fedora as the second link in Google.  Currently it just redirects to the
wiki but it could be the other way around without the hassle of worrying
about legal ramifications.

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