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Karsten Wade kwade at redhat.com
Sun Jan 1 12:13:34 UTC 2006

On Mon, 2005-12-26 at 15:04 +0100, Bjørn Andersen wrote:
> The T-shirts are just free publicity for Fedora.
> I dont think Novell is attacking all websites selling SUSE T-shirts,
> or Ubuntu or Mandriva or...
> If it doesen't harm, then why be angry about it?

There is the potential for harm if we do not protect the trademark. 

In fact, forget potential.  It *will* get misused.

When that happens, our ability and right to protect the Fedora trademark
and logo is directly tied to our past actions.

If we have gone on for years not caring how the logo is used, we forfeit
the right to protest how the logo is used.

This is an awkward position to be in, we may appear to be mean and
pushy, picking on little people.

So, the keys seem to be:

1. Have clear usage guidelines.
2. Gently enforce those guidelines.
3. Keep everyone looking for, and reporting, violations.

Most people *want* to use the Fedora trademarks in a legal and
acceptable manner.  Our job as Ambassadors is to help them do so.

IANAL and all that.  What I'm describing here reflects my personal
understanding of how trademark enforcement works.

- Karsten
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