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David Nalley david at gnsa.us
Fri Mar 17 20:00:04 UTC 2006

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Clair wrote:
> Those paying attention would've noticed that one problem I am having with 
> ambassadors is that there is too much focus on events (big or small), rather 
> than just telling people on the street, in your workplace, at your school 
> about fedora.
> So, I propose another project is started... a project who's focus is to go 
> around and educate, and tell, people about fedora. To answer people's 
> questions. It won't be about going around to groups of people, it will be 
> about telling people about fedora on a one-to-one basis.
> This way, the Ambassadors project will be able to support events better, and 
> telling people on the street won't be neglected.
> I'd be willing to run the project.

Let me preface my remarks by saying that I am a newb to this list and a
newb Ambassador, and my comments represent no one but myself and are
worth exactly what you paid for them.

So what you are advocating is Fedora Zealots, or perhaps Fedora
Evangelists? Regardless I personally think it's a bit short sighted.
I think your "problem" with the Ambassadors is a non-issue. I think it's
more of an issue of perception than a real problem. Because we dedicate
so much time to discussing a conference with thousands of people it
APPEARS that is our main focus. It is far more complicated to setup
FUDCONs and LinuxWorld in that it requires more people, time, resources
and discussion than an individual Ambassador giving a presentation to a
local LUG, or providing flyers or media to a library or school. I
completely concur with your one-to-one contact ideas. I think they are
probably more effective than events when considered on an individual
basis. But at the same time, I don't need to talk about, or coordinate
my one-on-one efforts for 30 minutes on IRC during meetings, or flood
the list asking for help.

I also think that creating a second list makes things more complicated,
it's already complicated enough dealing with the plethora of lists that
most of us are subscribed to, who needs another one? In addition it's
bound to divide, and one list or the other will lose some valuable
contribution, and the two are really quite related, separated only by
the quantity of audience and resources thrown at it. Furthermore, what's
really going to be discussed by such a list? How to talk to people about
Fedora??? How to bring the Ubuntu(or any other distro) heathens into the
knowledge of the salvation of Fedora? I don't mean to sound incredulous,
but really, how much list traffic and irc traffic can you generate?
Besides, people who are excited about Fedora are going to tell people,
and talk to people, and convert people, and they don't necessarily need
swag to do it.

But of course, really, the problem is one of perception.

David Nalley
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