[Fedora-ambassadors-list] fedora-events-list proposal

Jack Aboutboul jaboutboul at fedoraproject.org
Thu May 18 16:01:22 UTC 2006

Hey All,

Recently, I was having a discussion with Tom Callaway and we both
realized it might be a very good idea to have a separate
fedora-events-list.  I know that many people will say, GREAT!! Yet
Another Mailing List, but hear me out.

First of all, a separate list would help segment discussion which
already goes on ambassadors-list and could really be taken care of
elsewhere. A side effect of this, is that there would now be one list
for people to subscribe to which would have event info only, so they
could get involved with them.  Of course, the list would act as a
general event publicity list as well?



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