[Ambassadors] Raleigh, we have a problem ...

Rahul sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Thu Sep 21 10:58:19 UTC 2006

Konstantin Burtsev wrote:
> On 9/21/06, Rahul <sundaram at fedoraproject.org> wrote:
>> Dimitrios 'sehh' Michelinakis wrote:
>> >
>> > When the user first logs into his desktop, display a help page/guide 
>> that explains how to do the basic operations. Give a few hinds of the 
>> names of the applications. Should i point you to the "Welcome Center" 
>> that comes with M$ Vista? or are you going to say that because M$ is 
>> doing it then we should shoot our selfs in the foot?
>> Feel free to implement a welcome center. It would be most "welcome" ;-)
>> Meanwhile we are in the midst of designing a better default page to help
>> end users
>> Refer to http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject/FirefoxDefaultSplash
>> for more information.
> But it need internet connection. Not in all countries all people have
> permanent internet connection(like adsl) or for example have VPN
> connection, but pptp-client is inside extras which are in internet :(.

Extras is planned to be provided in media too.

> I think "Getting Started " should be mostly on local disk. (and maybe
> it will be a package, which can be update via yum?)

Yes. We do intend to provide offline copies of the documentation. It is 
also packaged as RPM and can be updated post release using yum.


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