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francescougolini at aol.it francescougolini at aol.it
Sun Oct 28 09:56:03 UTC 2007

The weekly meetings absence is a long time problem, now we haven't to 
speculate with lies etc...

But i don't want be polemic.

I've led a big piece of this year metting (i've stop to do that after 
nobody takes care of those), and i may say people join those ones only 
for "controversial" proposal. But this isn't the real reason: because 
we discuss about something interested them, because the topics touch 

Probably the cause is mine, but i think a (Global, EMEA, etc...) 
meeting is usefull only when discuss about things that interest all.

So, we haven't to make the list of the next events, we know they annoy 
people; we haven't to say the same things they can find in the Mailing 
List. We have to focus on something that will make Weekly (Monthly, 
Yearly ....) IRC meeting's interesting.

This is the problem ... no others


Francesco Ugolini

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Le Sat, 27 Oct 2007 13:27:36 +0200,
pingou <pingoufc4 at yahoo.fr> a écrit :

> However I do be in favor of the EMEA meetings, I think it would be
> much more interesting in the way that you definitively feel more
> concerned by a event that occurs close to you .

One of the reason I think the amb meeting used to work but didn't, is
that, from my point of view, that i never recovered from alex's
departure. She was more than a guide for us and had such a strong
personality that her action was more than motivating.

Then I think that the amb meeting are good for new amb only. When
people get to know each other, they work on events by their own means,
and not through the meetings.

> Another point that needs to be discussed, I think, is what do would
> be the subject of such meetings ?
> Is it a review of what have been done and what will be done ?
> Is it a discussion of what is going on around your country ?
> Is it like on event, reflection of what can be done and how to do it
> to improve the promotion of fedora, the organization of the people
> involved in the fedora project ?
> Is it a review of what has been good or bad in the relation to the
> fedora project ?
> Is it a reflection on how to improve them ?
> If we want to get people involved for long in these meeting, we need
> to have subject, that "can not" be discussed via the mailing list...
> "Why should we go to the meeting ?"
> This question is, to my mind, one of the most important.

That is why our French meeting work that great... our mailing list is
not as active as I would have liked it to be, and not as active as the
fp amb ml one. For example, such a topic would have been discussed
during a meeting only. Too bad perhaps, but the meetings for French
Ambs about French activities is a damn good way to know that other
people are active and take part in the marketing process of the distro.

About the time and date, we first had our meeting on a private French
channel, then we were asked by someone from the fp to do it on
#fedora-meeting and changing once more would disappoint my
troups :) The hour seems to be ideal for French people, I don't think
we would agree to change it. Otherwise, it would mean we would have to
recreate all the stuff that make people want to attend it and feel
deeply sorry not to.

> Well that is it for me :)
> Just my two cents to the reflection about these meetings :)
> Best regards,
> P.Yves

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