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Neville A. Cross nacross at gmail.com
Mon Sep 22 22:40:47 UTC 2008


Just a short notice to report the SFD2008 celebration at Nicaragua [1].

We gather around 1,300 person for the whole event, whit a
participation of up to 750 at the conference room. At the conference
room was a distribution of material including a folder with a CD with
Open Source Software and slide of the conferences. It also included
other relevant information. We manage to distribute 500 sheets (logos
printed on colors) with information about Fedora Project and the local
Fedora team in those folders.

This event was coordinated by the Nicargua's Linux User Gruop, and we
have different distros represented in this event. But because of my
involvement all the computers that were borrowed from our venue, the
Universidad Centroamericana[2], were all running fedora. This was 40
pc at the workshops, 16 pc at the game contest area, 6 pc for
registrations and the pc at the conference hall. All the computer
running games had fedora stickers on the border of the monitor.

Fedora Installs were number two, just behind openSUSE. We sold 45
discs of fedora 9 and 15 discs fedora game spin (about US $1.5 each to
regain founds for more disc and pamphlets). The only downside was the
t-shirt sale. We only were able to sold one, mostly due shortage of
help on the "market place". Any way we had almost 50 t-shirt ready for
next event.

For more info regarding the whole event, and not the Fedora highliths
you can see the preliminary report [3]

I am looking forward for include Nicaraguan events on the next budget,
but by now we will focus on the F10 release party. We are planing what
we can manage with our own resources, and we will be posting shortly
when we secure a venue for the F10 release party.

[1] http://linuxtour.org/sfd
[2] http://www.uca.edu.ni
[3] http://leogg.wordpress.com/2008/09/21/sfd-2008-preliminary-report/

Neville A. Cross

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